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  • Alexiou, Angeliki, ed. (IET, 2017)
    This book contains 12 chapters. The first chapter is dedicated to the road to 5G - its visions and challenges. The second chapter discusses the new 5G air interface: challenges for efficient multi-service coexistence for ...
  • Morgan, David; (IET, 1994)
    The book reviews developments in the following fields: electromagnetic compatibility; EMC standards; EMC testing; radiated emission testing; antennas; radiated susceptibility testing; measurement equipment; electromagnetic ...
  • Bennett, S.; (IET, 1979)
    Feedback is a crucial concept of modern engineering. Dr Bennett traces the growing awareness of the importance and the significance of the concept of feedback in engineering and treats in detail the technical developments. ...
  • Bennett, S.; (IET, 1993)
    The book reviews developments in the following fields:control technology; process control; electronic negative feedback amplifier; servomechanisms; and wartime.
  • Morris, P. R.; (IET, 1990)
    The following topics are dealt with: thermionic valve; transistor development; semiconductor device fabrication; and the semiconductor industry.
  • Beal, K., ed. (IET, 1989)
    The book covers the principles, theory and enabling technologies of logistics engineering.
  • Clayton, Robert, ed.; Algar, Joan, ed. (IET, 1991)
    Sir Clifford Paterson, OBE FRS, was Director of the GEC Research Laboratories at Wembley from their foundation in 1919 until his death in 1948. This book contains the daily diary which he kept from the beginning of September ...
  • Arillaga, Jos; Smith, Bruce (IET, 1998)
    The following topics are dealt with: AC-DC converter; power flow solution; harmonic solution; three-phase power and harmonic flow; electromagnetic transient simulation; electromechanical stability and transient converter ...
  • Ali Imran, Muhammad, ed.; Ali Raza Zaidi, Syed, ed.; Zeeshan Shakir, Muhammad, ed. (IET, 2017)
    The book has 20 chapters that deals with: MIMO communication; 5G access networks; Internet; network function virtualization; software defined networking; and GSM-LTE Advanced.
  • Florez-Revuelta, Francisco, ed.; Chaaraoui, Alexandros Andre, ed. (IET, 2016)
    The following topics are dealt with: active and assisted living; smart environments; ambient assisted living; wearable sensors; computer vision; data fusion; elderly care; interoperable enhanced living environments; reasoning ...
  • Tokhi, Osman, ed.; Veres, Sandor, ed. (IET, 2002)
    The book has 3 parts which are further divided into 15 chapters. The first part deals with the fundamental reviews of active sound control and vibration control . The second part covers algorithms for active noise control ...
  • Hudson, J. E.; (IET, 1981)
    The book reviews developments in the following fields: adaptive array; vector; matrix; optimal antennas; main-lobe constraints; and suboptimal array.
  • Kanjilal, P. P.; (IET, 1995)
    The book reviews developments in the following fields: process models; parameter estimation; adaptive prediction; transfer-function models; Kalman filter; state-space approaches; periodic series; nonlinear processes; GMDH; ...
  • Sreenath, Koushil; Mysorewala, Muhammad F.; Popa, Dan O.; Lewis, Frank L. (IET, 2011)
    The book is organized into three parts: preliminaries, single-robot adaptive sampling and multi-resource strategies.
  • Garelli, Fabricio; Mantz, Ricardo J.; De Battista, Hern{grave}n (IET, 2011)
    This book provides a unified, practically oriented treatment to many constrained control paradigms. Recently proposed control strategies are unified in a generalised framework to deal with different kinds of constraints. ...
  • Rozzi, Tullio; Farinai, Marco (IET, 1999)
    The book has 6 chapters. Appendices are given at the end of the book. The following topics are discussed: fundamentals of electromagnetics; propagation in closed waveguides; ideal planar waveguides on multilayered substrate: ...
  • Galati, Gaspare, ed. (IET, 1993)
    Within the wide and fascinating field of radar techniques and systems, this book describes in detail a number of areas of research related to system architecture and design, phenomenology, array antennas and signal processing. ...
  • Krikidis, Ioannis, ed.; Zheng, Gan, ed. (IET, 2016)
    Cooperative networks/relaying is a fundamental design approach that has been used to reduce path-loss and fading effects in conventional wireless communication systems. This book describes the use of this approach in new ...
  • Gray, J. O., ed.; Caldwell, D. G., ed. (IET, 1996)
    The following topics are dealt with: robotics; machine intelligence; robotic arms; intelligent gripping systems; force feedback control; tele-presence control; sensor management; nuclear industry; surgery; intelligent ...
  • Creasey, D. J., ed. (IET, 1985)
    The book reviews developments in the following fields:transmitter aerial; high power amplifier design; radar transmitter; receiver array technology; underwater acoustic sensor; diversity techniques in communications ...

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