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  • Keegan, Desmond. (Taylor & Francis (CAM)Routledge, 1993)
  • Rhea, Randall W.; (Noble Publishing Corp.,, 1994)
    The book reviews developments in the following fields: network fundamentals; reactors and resonators; transformations; filter losses; computer-aided strategies; lowpass structures; bandpass structures; highpass structures; ...
  • Pengelly, Raymond S.; (Noble Publishing Corp.,, 1994)
    The following topics are dealt with: GaAs FET theory-small signal; GaAs FET theory-power; requirements and fabrication of GaAs FETs; design of transistor amplifiers; FET mixers; GaAs FET oscillators; FET and IC packaging; ...
  • Smith, Phillip H.; (SciTech Publishing Inc.,, 1995)
    The purpose of this book is to provide a comprehensive and practical source volume on Smith Charts and their related overlays. Qualitative concepts of the way in which electromagnetic waves are propagated along conductors ...
  • Rhea, Randell W.; (SciTech Publishing Inc.,, 1995)
    The purpose of this book is to demystify oscillator design and provide a practical reference on the design of RF and microwave oscillators. The thrust of the book is on concepts, a unified design approach to a variety of ...
  • Unknown author (1997)
  • Unknown author (1997)
  • Gunston, Mark A.R.; (Noble Publishing Corp.,, 1997)
    The book reviews developments in the following fields: transmission lines utilizing conductors of circular cross-section; transmission lines utilizing conductors of rectangular cross-section; transmission lines utilizing ...
  • Sabin, William E., ed.; Schoenike, Edgar O., ed. (Noble Publishing Corp.,, 1998)
    The book reviews developments in the following areas: single sideband; system design considerations; high-frequency link establishment; receiver design; exciter design; transceiver design; IF analog filters; speech processing; ...
  • Stimson, George W.; (SciTech Publishing Inc.,, 1998)
    This book covers the following areas: airborne radar; radar fundamentals; pulse Doppler radar; air-to-air operation; high-resolution ground mapping and imaging; electronic warfare; and representative radar system.
  • Kingsley, Simon; Quegan, Shaun (SciTech Publishing Inc.,, 1999)
    Understanding Radar Systems is a book to convey facts and figures and also explain why things are the way they are. It is written for students and young engineers in industry, already competent in electronic engineering ...
  • Grosch, Theodore; (Noble Publishing Corp.,, 2000)
    This book focuses on analytical methods of high-frequency amplifier design by determining the characteristics of input and output networks and their subsequent synthesis. These techniques are combined into a methodology ...
  • Grosch, Theodore; (Noble Publishing Corp.,, 2000)
    This book comprises 9 chapters, each containing the solutions to problems set in in the chapters of Grosch's Small Signal Microwave Amplifier Design.
  • Albulet, Mihai; (Noble Publishing Corp.,, 2001)
    The book reviews developments in the following fields: RF power amplifiers, modulators and power transistors.
  • Witte, Robert A.; (SciTech Publishing Inc.,, 2001)
    This book is about the theory and practice of spectrum and network measurements in electronic systems. It is intended for readers who have a background in electrical engineering and use spectrum analyzers and network ...
  • Blinchikoff, Herman J.; Zverev, Anatol I. (SciTech Publishing Inc.,, 2001)
    In Chapter 1, using the differential equation as the fundamental system description, we show how to obtain the filtering functions associated with physical systems; namely, the impulse response, step response, weighting ...
  • Bullock, Scott R.; (Noble Publishing Corp.,, 2001)
    The speed of change in digital communications is most prominently represented by broadband communication and home networking technologies. This easy-to-read book takes a close look at current high-speed digital communications, ...
  • Chrisman, Cheryl L.-Mariani, Christopher.-Platt, Simon R.-Clemmons, Rodger. (CRC Press (CAM)Teton NewMedia, 2002)
  • Ghausi, Mohammed S.; Laker, Kenneth R. (Noble Publishing Corp.,, 2003)
    The book is a comprehensive tutorial on active filter design analysis and design procedures. This book covers: basic systems classifications together with filter transmission and approximations, operational amplifiers, ...
  • Ferroukhi, Ly�s.-International Development Research Centre (Canada)-Center for International Forestry Research. (International Development Research CentreInternational Development Research Centre, 2003)

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