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8th International Symposium on High-Temperature Metallurgical Processing [electronic resource] / edited by Jiann-Yang Hwang, Tao Jiang, Mark William Kennedy, Onuralp Y cel, P. Chris Pistorius, Varadarajan Seshadri, Baojun Zhao, Dean Gregurek, Ender Keskinkilic.

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dc.contributor.author Hwang, Jiann-Yang. editor.
dc.contributor.author Jiang, Tao. editor.
dc.contributor.author Kennedy, Mark William. editor.
dc.contributor.author Y cel, Onuralp. editor.
dc.contributor.author Pistorius, P. Chris. editor.
dc.contributor.author Seshadri, Varadarajan. editor.
dc.contributor.author Zhao, Baojun. editor.
dc.contributor.author Gregurek, Dean. editor.
dc.contributor.author Keskinkilic, Ender. editor.
dc.contributor.author SpringerLink (Online service)
dc.date.accessioned 2017-12-02T12:39:50Z
dc.date.available 2017-12-02T12:39:50Z
dc.date.created 2017.
dc.date.issued 2017
dc.identifier.isbn 9783319513409
dc.identifier.uri http://dspace.conacyt.gov.py/xmlui/handle/123456789/20589
dc.description XXII, 818 p. 421 illus.
dc.description.abstract This collection features contributions covering the advances and developments of new high-temperature metallurgical technologies and their applications to the areas of: processing of minerals; extraction of metals; preparation of metallic, refractory, and ceramic materials; treatment and recycling of slag and wastes; conservation of energy; and environmental protection. The volume will have a broad impact on the academics and professionals serving the metallurgical industries around the world by providing them with comprehensive coverage of a wide variety of topics.
dc.description.tableofcontents Part 1: Energy Efficient Clean Metallurgical Technology -- Flash Ironmaking from Magnetite Concentrate in a Laboratory Reactor: Experimental and CFD Work -- Synthesis of Chromite for Subsequent Carburization by Methane-hydrogen Gas Mixture -- Effects of Hydrogen-enriched Reduction on Metallurgical Properties of Iron-Bearing Burdens under BF Operation with Cog Injection -- Microwave-intensified Reduction of Biochar-containing Briquettes -- Refractory Challenges in Lead Recycling Furnaces -- Synthesis of Carbide Ceramics via Reduction of Adsorbed Anions on an Activated Carbon Matrix -- Part 2: Simulation of High Temperature Process -- A CFD Based Algorithm for Kinetics Analysis of the Reduction of Hematite Concentrate by H2+CO Mixtures in a Drop Tube Reactor -- A Continuous Dynamic Process Model to Design a Carbon Profile toward Yield Improvement -- Alloy Yield Prediction Model Based on the Data Analysis in EAF Steelmaking Process -- Analysis of Jet Behavior and Surface Fluctuations in the Meniscus of Fluid in a Physical Model of a Beam Blank Mold and CFD Modelling -- CFD Study of Gas-liquid Phase Interaction Inside a Submerged Lance Smelting Furnace for Copper Smelting -- Debottlenecking High Temperature Metallurgical Plants through Modeling and Simulation -- Assessment of Slag Entrainment in a RH Degasser through Physical Modelling Using Circulating Fluids of Different Densities/Oil Systems for Simulating Steel Melt/Slag -- Part 3: Fundamental Research of Metallurgical Process -- Investigate on the Phase Composition of Vanadium Slag with High CaO Content and Influence of P2O5 on Crystallization Kinetics of Spinels -- Thermal Analysis Kinetics of the Solid-State Reduction of Nickel Laterite Ores by Carbon -- Thermodynamic and Experimental Investigations of High Temperature Refractory Corrosion by Molten Slags -- Thermodynamic Calculation on the Reactivity between Slag and Ti-stabilized Stainless Steel -- Part 4: Alloys and Materials Preparation -- Development of a Novel, Low-cost Titanium Extraction Process for Bulk or Powder Applications -- Evolution of Non-metallic Inclusions in Solid Fe-Al-Ti-N Alloy during Heating -- Preparation of Low-carbon Ti2O3 by Carbon thermal Reduction of the Mixture of Titanium Dioxide and Activated Carbon under Vacuum Condition -- Pyrometallurgical Studies for Manganese Extraction Using Turkish Ore Reserves -- Trace Elements Behavior during the Oxidation of Liquid SiMn Alloy -- Effect of Microalloy Elements V And Mg on Organization at High Heat Input Welding Shipbuilding Structure Steel -- Part 5: Extraction and Recovery of Metals -- Effect of Carbon Reductant On The Formation of Copper Doped Titanium Oxycarbonitride by Carbothermal Reduction and Nitridation -- Cohering Behavior of Scrap Powder in Kiln by a Novel Natural Stacking Method -- Direct-to-blister Copper Smelting with the ISASMELT™ Process -- Improving Separation of Cu-Fe from Copper Slag by Mineral Phase Reconstruction -- Phase Transformation of High Calcium Type Tin, Iron-bearing Tailings during Magnetizing Roasting Process -- Sensitivity of Contactless Ultrasound Processing to Variations of the Free Surface of the Melt with Induction Heating -- Extraction of Zinc from Willemite by Sodium Salt Roasting and Ammonia-leaching Process -- Part 6: Ironmaking and Steelmaking -- Influence of Puhrstahl Heraeus Refining Process on Aluminum Consumption in Interstitial-Free Steel Smelting Process -- Formation Mechanisms of Inclusions in Spring Steels -- Investigation on Coal Combustion Behaviors under the Oxygen Blast Furnace -- Inclusion Control with Ca Treatment to Improve Castability of a Low Carbon Al Killed Steel -- High Temperature Mineralization Mechanism of Granules during Iron Ore Sintering Process -- Reduction Behaviors of Sinter Made from Magnetite Concentrates in Reducing Process Simulated COREX Shaft Furnace -- Part 7: Treatment and Recycling of Slag/Wastes -- Introduction of Matte Droplets in Copper Smelting Slag -- Dissolution Behavior of Fe from Glassy Oxide Phase in Steelmaking Slag -- Penetration Depth of Microwave in Tire Rubber -- Effect of TiO2 on Thermophysical Properties and Structure of P-bearing Steelmaking Slags -- Analysis for Optimum Conditions for Recovery of Valuable Metals from E-Waste through Black Copper Smelting -- Precipitation Behavior of MxTi3-xO5 in the Titanium-Bearing Electric Furnace Slag -- Part 8: Utilization of Complex Ores -- Evaluation of Molybdenum Concentrates -- Intensification of Gold Leaching from a Multi-refractory Gold Concentrate by the Two-stage Roasting-alkaline Sulfide Washing-cyanidation Process -- The Recovery of Cobalt from Copper Converter Slag by Reduction-sulfurization Smelting at High Temperature -- Roasting of Celestite in Laboratory Scale Rotary Furnace -- The Experimental Study of CaCO3 in the Vanadium Extraction Process -- The Extraction of Zinc from Zinc Ferrite by Calcified Roasting and Ammonia Leaching Process -- Part 8: Poster I -- A New Method to Detect the High Temperature Distribution in the Ironmaking and Steelmaking Industry -- A Study for Reconstructing the Three-dimensional Temperature Field of a Blast Furnace Raceway Based on Monte Carlo Method -- Behaviour of Silicon in Nickel Laterite by Carbothermic Reduction in Vacuum -- Effect of CaO Addition on the Behavior of Vanadium and Phosphorus during Oxidation and Leaching Process -- Effect of Inner Shape on Blast Furnace Performance for Iron Making -- Effect of Lance Configurations on Coal Flow and Combustion Characteristics -- Effect of Silicon on Removal of Phosphorus from High Phosphorus Si-Mn alloy by CaO-Based Slag -- Effect of Super Gravity on the Solidification Structure and C Segregation of High Carbon Steel -- High Temperature Distribution Measurement of the Blast Furnace Raceway through Imaging Techniques and Optimization Algorithms -- Kinetics and Reduction Behavior of Self-reducing Briquettes Containing Blast Furnace Dust -- Model Analysis of the Phenomena of Pulverized Coal Injection in Blast Furnace -- Sintering Performance of Blends Containing High Proportion of Limonite Iron Ore Fines -- Thermodynamics Study on Phosphorus Distribution between 2CaO•SiO2-3CaO•P2O5 Solid Solution and Liquid Slag -- Two-step Copper Smelting Process at Dongying Fangyuan -- Part 9: Poster II -- Comparison of the Ringing Characteristics between Acid and Alkaline Iron Ore Pellets Powder in Kiln -- Comprehensive Utilization of Ludwigite Iron Concentrate by Gas-based Direct Reduction -- Decarburization of Spent Petrochemical Catalysts via Microwave Oxidation Roasting -- Effect of FeO Content in Laterite Nickel Slag on the Corrosioin Behaviour of Refractory Materials -- Effects of Blowing Conditions on the Dispersion States of Materials Charged into Bottom Blown Oxygen Smelting Furnace -- Effects of Pre-oxidation and Additives on Carbothermic Reduction of Ilmenite Concentrate -- Influence of Converter Slag on Decomposition Behavior of Limestone during BOF Steelmaking Process -- Influence of Hot Charge on Blast Furnace Performance for Iron Making -- Investigation and Application of Evolution System of Stock Surface Gas Flow Distribution in Blast Furnace -- Investigation of the Carbothermic Reduction of Chromium-containing Vanadium Extraction Residue -- Molecular Dynamics Study of the Structural Properties with Varying -- One-step Extraction of Lead from Spent Lead-acid Battery Paste via Reductive Sulfur-fixing Smelting: Thermodynamic Analysis -- Removal of Cd(II) Ion from Aqueous Solution by Adsorption on Wasted Low Grade Phosphorus-containing Iron Ore -- Research on the Flow Behavior of Molten Slag through Pore -- Study on the Influence of Materials on Heat Transfer Characteristics of Blast Furnace Cooling Staves.
dc.language eng
dc.publisher Cham : Springer International Publishing : Imprint: Springer, 2017.
dc.relation.ispartofseries Springer eBooks
dc.relation.ispartofseries The Minerals, Metals & Materials Series, 2367-1181
dc.relation.ispartofseries The Minerals, Metals & Materials Series, 2367-1181
dc.relation.uri http://cicco.idm.oclc.org/login?url=http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-51340-9
dc.subject Materials science.
dc.subject Engineering Materials.
dc.subject Metals.
dc.subject Materials Science.
dc.subject Characterization and Evaluation of Materials.
dc.subject Metallic Materials.
dc.subject Materials Engineering.
dc.subject.ddc 620.11 23
dc.subject.lcc TA404.6
dc.subject.other Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
dc.title 8th International Symposium on High-Temperature Metallurgical Processing [electronic resource] / edited by Jiann-Yang Hwang, Tao Jiang, Mark William Kennedy, Onuralp Y cel, P. Chris Pistorius, Varadarajan Seshadri, Baojun Zhao, Dean Gregurek, Ender Keskinkilic.
dc.type text
dc.identifier.doi 10.1007/978-3-319-51340-9
dc.identifier.bib 978-3-319-51340-9
dc.format.rdamedia computer
dc.format.rdacarrier online resource
dc.format.rda text file PDF

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