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Advances in Reconfigurable Mechanisms and Robots II [electronic resource] / edited by Xilun Ding, Xianwen Kong, Jian S. Dai.

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dc.contributor.author Ding, Xilun. editor.
dc.contributor.author Kong, Xianwen. editor.
dc.contributor.author Dai, Jian S. editor.
dc.contributor.author SpringerLink (Online service)
dc.date.accessioned 2017-12-01T05:36:57Z
dc.date.available 2017-12-01T05:36:57Z
dc.date.created 2016.
dc.date.issued 2016
dc.identifier.isbn 9783319233277
dc.identifier.uri http://dspace.conacyt.gov.py/xmlui/handle/123456789/15237
dc.description XVIII, 1117 p. 686 illus.
dc.description.abstract This book presents the most recent advances in the research and applications of reconfigurable mechanisms and robots. It collects 93 independently reviewed papers presented at the Third ASME/IFToMM International Conference on Reconfigurable Mechanisms and Robots (ReMAR 2015) held in Beijing, China, 20-22 July 2015. The conference papers are organized into seven parts to cover the reconfiguration theory, topology, kinematics and design of reconfigurable mechanisms including reconfigurable parallel mechanisms. The most recent results on reconfigurable robots are presented including their analysis, design, simulation and control. Bio-inspired mechanisms are also explored in the challenging fields of rehabilitation and minimally invasive surgery. This book further addresses deployable mechanisms and origami-inspired mechanisms and showcases a wide range of successful applications of reconfigurable mechanisms and robots. Advances in Reconfigurable Mechanisms and Robots II should be of interest for researchers, engineers and postgraduate students in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science and mathematics. .
dc.description.tableofcontents Part 1: Reconfiguration Theory -- Reconfigurable Chains of Bifurcating Type III Bricard Linkages, by Shengnan Lu, Dimiter Zlatanov, Xilun Ding, Matteo Zoppi and Simon D. Guest -- A Novel Reconfigurable 7R Linkage with Multifurcation, by Ketao Zhang, Andreas Müller and Jian S. Dai -- Design and Analysis of a New 7R Single-Loop Mechanism with 4R, 6R and 7R Operation Modes, by Xiuyun He, Xianwen Kong, Guangbo Hao and James Ritchie -- Analysis of the Motion Mode Change of a Metamorphic 8R Linkage, by Andreas Müller, Ketao Zhang and Jian S. Dai -- Mobility and Structure Re-configurability of Compliant Mechanisms, by Guangbo Hao -- Reconfigurable compliant unit modeling and compositions, by Liping Zhang, Xiaoyang Tong, Tian Ji and Guibing Pang -- Part II: Topology, Kinematics and Design of Reconfigurable Mechanisms -- Enumerating the Topological Configurations of the Reconfigurable Cube Mechanism with Eight Sub-Cubes, by Lin-Chi Wu and Chin-Hsing Kuo -- Topological Graph Descriptions and Structural Automatic Synthesis of Planar Multiple joint and geared-linkage Kinematic Chains, by Jinkui Chu and Yanhuo Zou -- Origami Carton Folding Analysis Using Flexible Panels, by Ferdinando Cannella, Mariapaola Dimperio, Carlo Canali, Nahian Rahman, Fei Chen, Daniele Catelani, Darwin G. Caldwell and Jian S. Dai -- Design of Constant-Force Compliant Sarrus Mechanism Considering Stiffness Nonlinearity of Compliant Joints, by Guimin Chen, Hongye Chang and Geng Li -- Twin–Bennett Linkage and One Type of Its Mobile Assemblies, by Hongwei Guo, Zhongjie Li, Rongqiang Liu and Zongquan Deng -- Inverse kinematics and Kineto-statics of Metamorphic palm of the KCL/TJU metamorphic Hand, by Chunsong Zhang and Jian S. Dai -- Foldability Analysis of Cylindrical Origami Structures, by Jianguo Cai, Ruijun Ma,Jian Feng,Ya Zhou and Xiaowei Deng -- Workspace Analysis of a Reconfigurable Mechanism Generated from the Network of Bennett Linkages, by Huijuan Feng, Rongjie Kang and Yan Chen -- Configuration Analysis of Loading Mechanism with Metamorphic Characteristics, by Lin Zhang, Ganwei Cai, Kaijun Zhu, Xiaochun Wang and Zhijie Li -- Dimension Relationship between Spherical Four-Bar Mechanisms with Same Couple Curve, by Jianwei Sun, Wenrui Liu and Jinkui Chu -- Part III: Reconfigurable Parallel Mechanisms -- Mobility analysis of non-overconstrained reconfigurable parallel manipulators with 3-CPU/3-CRU kinematics, by Matteo Palpacelli, Luca Carbonari, Giacomo Palmieri and Massimo Callegari -- Mechanism Analysis of Parallel Lifting Mechanism for Schnable Car Based on Coordinate Transformation, by Yan-Zhi Zhao, Xiang-Nan Wang, Xiao-Xiao Liu, Jie Zhang, Yang Li and Tie-Shi Zhao -- Reconfiguration and Static Joint Force Variation of a 3rRPS Metamorphic Parallel Mechanism with 3R and 1T2R Motion, by Dongming Gan, Jian S. Dai, Jorge Dias and Lakmal Seneviratne -- Topology and Mobility Variations of a Novel Redundant Reconfigurable Parallel Mechanism, by Haibo Qu and Sheng Guo -- Reconfiguration analysis of a 2-DOF 3-4R parallel manipulator with orthogonal base and platform, by Xianwen Kong -- QrPara: A new reconfigurable parallel manipulator with 5-axis capability, by Yan Jin, Binbin Lian, Mark Price, Tao Sun and Yimin Song -- Quaternion Method for the Kinematics Analysis of Parallel Metamorphic Mechanisms, by Zhonghai Zhang, Jian Sun, Zhenhua Wang, Gongjing Yu, Duanling Li and Jinguo Liu -- Kinematics Analysis of n-4R Reconfigurable Parallel Mechanisms, by Jingjun Yu, Zhixiang Duan and Yan Xie -- A family of 2R1T parallel manipulators with intersecting rotational axes, by Bo Hu and Zhen Huang -- A Novel Parallel Mechanism Design based on Tripod Components, by Guanyu Huang, Dan Zhang, Sheng Guo and Dian Li -- Motion Decoupling Analysis of a Kind of 2R Parallel Mechanism with Two Continuous Rotational Axes, by Yundou Xu, Liangliang Chen, Wennan Yan, Jiantao Yao and Yongsheng Zhao -- Type Synthesis of A Family of 3-DOF Spherical Parallel Mechanisms Using Upper-Lower Combination and Axis Movement Theorem, by Rongfu Lin, Weizhong Guo and Feng Gao -- Structural Synthesis Based on POC Set for Lower-mobility Non-overconstrained Parallel Mechanisms, by Xiaorong Zhu, Xin Yao, Huiping Shen, Chen Sun and Tingli Yang -- Dynamic Identification of a 3-PRS Parallel Robot with Scissor-Type Prismatic Joint: A Cloud-based Approach, by Jian Yang, Xin Wang and Xuefeng Chen -- Force Balance of Mechanisms and Parallel Robots through Reconfiguration Method, by Dan Zhang and Bin Wei -- Fault Diagnosis and Reconfiguration of Prestressed Fault-tolerant Six-axis Force Sensor, by Jiantao Yao, Hongyu Zhang, Jialong Zhu, Yundou Xu and Yongsheng Zhao -- Structural Characteristics of Force/Moment Polytopes of Cable Driven Parallel Mechanisms, by Xiaowei Dai, Yuru Zhang, Dangxiao Wang and Jian Song -- Constraint and Mobility Analysis of the SNU 3-UPU Parallel Mechanism in Mixed Mode, by Ziming Chen, Yang Zhang, Kun Huang and Zhen Huang -- The Elliptical Trajectory with Modified Sine Motion Profile for Delta Robot, by Ruining Huang, Yunqiang Zhang and Yunjiang Lou -- A Precise Rotary Actuator Based on Small Perimeter Difference Using Parallel Compliant Mechanism, by Chengwu Li, Gang Ma, Xu Pei and Bilu Fang -- Kinematic Modelling of a Panel Enclosed Hexapod, by Aaron Yu, Fengfeng(Jeff) Xi and Daniel Finistauri -- Conceptual Design and Kinematic Analysis of a Novel Parallel Manipulator with an Articulated Gripping Platform, by Yimin Song, Yang Qi and Tao Sun -- Conceptual Design and Workspace Analysis of an Exechon-inspired Parallel Kinematic Machine, by Tengfei Tang, Yanqin Zhao, Jun Zhang and Yan Jin -- Type Synthesis and Analysis of Two-Axis Swaying Platform with Virtual Rotation Axis, by Erwei Li, Tieshi Zhao, Chang Wang, Yanzhi Zhao, Hui Bian and Yuhang Chen -- Kinematic and Dynamic Analysis of a 3PUS-S(P) Parallel Metamorphic Mechanism Used for Bionic Joint, by Boyan Chang and Guoguang Jin -- Part IV: Bio-Reconfiguration Techniques and Biomedical Devices -- A Bio-inspired Reconfigurable Robot, by Ning Tan, Rajesh Elara Mohan and Karthikeyan Elangovan -- Modeling and Design on trailing edge of morphing wing, by Gang Li and Bing Li -- Suboptimal anatomy of metamorphic manipulators based on the high rotational dexterity, by Vassilis C. Moulianitis, Nikos A. Aspragathos and Charalampos Valsamos -- The Flexible Neck Mechanism Design and Control of a Turtle Robot for Performance at Digital Stage, by Wenfu Xu, Hongtao Wang, Zhonghua Hu and Guowei Liang -- Modular bionic foot design inspired by blue sheep, by Xilun Ding, Linhong Kang, Qun Zhang and Kun Xu -- Design and Kinematic Analysis of a Novel Metamorphic Mechanism for Lower Limb Rehabilitation, by Wuxiang Zhang, Shaodan Zhang, Marco Ceccarelli and Di Shi -- A Cable-Pulley Transmission for Ankle Joint Actuation in Artificial Leg, by Huaxin Liu, Marco Ceccarelli, Qiang Huang, Xinran Guo, Haotian She and Weimin Zhang -- Mathematical Modeling and Kinematics Analysis for a Novel Ankle Rehabilitation Robot, by Yang Li and Ligang Yao -- Prototype Design of a Rubik Snake Robot, by Xin Zhang and Jinguo Liu -- Trajectory optimization for robot crawling on ceiling using dry elastomer adhesive, by Zhongyuan Wang, Gongxun Sun and Zhendong Dai -- Mechanism Design and Kinematic Performance Research of Snake-like Robot with Orthogonal Active Wheels, by Zhiping Weng, Tianlong Liu, Chuncheng Wu and Zhengcai Cao -- Part V: Analysis and Design of Reconfigurable Robots -- A Robot Capable of Autonomous Robotic Team Repair: The Hex-DMR II System, by Joshua D. Davis, Yunuscan Sevimli, M. Kendal Ackerman and Gregory S. Chirikjian -- Inverse Kinematics of Active Rotation ball joint manipulators using workspaces density functions, by Hui Dong,Taosha Fan,Zhijiang Du and Gregory S. Chirikjian -- Singularity Analysis of a High-Speed Parallel Robot with Schönflies Motion, by Fugui Xie, Xin-Jun Liu and Zubing Min -- Multi-objective Design Optimization of a Parallel Schönflies-motion Robot, by Guanglei Wu, Shaoping Bai and Preben Hjørnet -- Mechanism Synthesis and Workspace Analysis of a Spraying Robot for Airfoil, by Lizhong Zhu, Liping Wang and Jingshan Zhao -- A Novel Docking Mechanism Design and Dynamic Performance Analysis of Self-reconfigurable Modular Robot, by Xiaofeng Wang, Minglu Zhang and Weimin Ge -- Conceptual Design and Kinematic Analysis of the Diamobot: A Homogeneous Modular Robot, by Longhai Zhao, Hao Wang, Tianwei Lin, Genliang Chen and Lingyu Kong -- Design and Development on a Reconfigurable Modular Joint of the Robot Arm, by Jiaming Deng, Pengcheng Wang, Qingmei Meng, Huiping Shen, Jian Chen and Minzhou Luo -- A New Approach to Identify Link Errors and Kinematic Pair Errors of SCARA Robot, by Zhi Wang, Delun Wang, Huimin Dong and Shudong Yu -- Structural Topology Optimization for a Robot Upper Arm Based on SIMP Method, by Yunfei Bai, Ming Cong and Yongyao Li -- Intelligent Service Reconfiguration for Home Robots, by Tsung-Hsien Yang and Wei-Po Lee -- Design and Simulation of Metamorphic Moving Mechanism of Insulator Inspection Robot, by S. J. Li, Q. Yang, M. Geng and H.G. Wang -- Compliance analysis and synthesis of a serial manipulator with redundant DOFs used in Tokamak, by Jue Yu, Yong Zhao, Hao Wang, Li Wang and Xinmin Lai -- A Modular Liquid Sample Handling Robot for High-throughput Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy, by Jichun Li, Volha Shapaval, Achim Kohler, Robert Talintyre, Jürgen Schmitt, Richard Stone, Andrew J Gallant and Dagou A Zeze -- Reconfigurable Industrial Robots – an integrated approach to design the joint and link modules and configure the robot manipulator, by Anna Valente -- M2 Gripper: Extending the Dexterity of a Simple, Underactuated Gripper, by Raymond R. Ma, Adam Spiers and Aaron M. Dollar -- Design and Analysis of a Circular-Orbit Underconstrained Cable Parallel Robot, by Sen Qian, Bin Zi and Xue Han -- Kinematics and energy minimization approach for continuum robot, by Qiang Lu and Bin He --.
dc.language eng
dc.publisher Cham : Springer International Publishing : Imprint: Springer, 2016.
dc.relation.ispartofseries Springer eBooks
dc.relation.ispartofseries Mechanisms and Machine Science, 2211-0984 ; 36
dc.relation.ispartofseries Mechanisms and Machine Science, 2211-0984 ; 36
dc.relation.uri http://cicco.idm.oclc.org/login?url=http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-23327-7
dc.subject Engineering.
dc.subject Machinery.
dc.subject Robotics.
dc.subject Automation.
dc.subject Manufacturing industries.
dc.subject Machines.
dc.subject Tools.
dc.subject Engineering.
dc.subject Robotics and Automation.
dc.subject Machinery and Machine Elements.
dc.subject Manufacturing, Machines, Tools.
dc.subject.ddc 629.892 23
dc.subject.lcc TJ210.2-211.495
dc.subject.lcc T59.5
dc.subject.other Engineering (Springer-11647)
dc.title Advances in Reconfigurable Mechanisms and Robots II [electronic resource] / edited by Xilun Ding, Xianwen Kong, Jian S. Dai.
dc.type text
dc.identifier.doi 10.1007/978-3-319-23327-7
dc.description.edition 1st ed. 2016.
dc.identifier.bib 978-3-319-23327-7
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dc.format.rdacarrier online resource
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